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NYFW – History



Stop everything, it’s New York Fashion Week. Before I start on the beautiful collections we have been seeing, let’s look at the history of this famed event.

The semi-annual New York Fashion Week was established in 1943 by CFDA founder Eleanor Lambert. Originally called Press Week, this event was used to attract attention to American designers during WWII while the press was unable to interact with the famous French design houses alienated from the US. This was largely effective, and magazines such as Vogue, portrayed a larger amount of American designs as opposed to the previous French designers.

To attend New York Fashion Week nowadays (either Mercedes Benz or MADE FWs) you either have to register (which does not guarantee admission) or be invited. There are smaller and more newcomer friendly events in NYC that are easier to gain admission to. For example Couture Fashion Week is pay-admission.  This kind of exclusivity is understandable when we realize exactly how much designers are spending on these lavish fashion shows, many times upward of 1 million dollars on a single show.

Aside from the history of this glorious institution, there are some amazing looks coming at us for 2015! I absolutely love the Resort collection from The Row , the fantastic amount of gingham from Diane von Furstenberg, and of course the timeless Audrey Hepburn inspired collection from Zac Posen!

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Fashionable Films – You’ve Got Mail

With the announcement that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are once again making a film together I thought it was only appropriate to discuss one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail. This is my go to film when I am sick, depressed, or just bored. I love it. I love him, I love her, I love it all.

You've Got Mail-Poster

Based on the 1937 play Perfumerie by Miklos Laszlo, which got some of it’s inspiration from Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, it was the third movie Ryan and Hanks had appeared in together after Joe Versus The Volcano and Sleepless in Seattle.


Not only epitomizing late 90’s fashion with her clothes, Meg had the most gorgeous cut in this era, I know I wished I could pull it off when I first saw it, did you feel the same?

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The Look – Sports Madness

Whether you are infected with World Cup Fever, your sport just ended with the Stanley Cup going to the Kings, or if you are watching Wimbledon, summer sports madness is in full effect, how will your show your sporty spirit?

Tennis Skirt / Yankees Forever and Always!  / Soccer Sneakers / Hockey Necklace

The Look – Gray for Summer

Gray is one of my favorite colors. For most of us though, our gray clothes are retired for fall and winter. Can it be summery and light?


Look at just a ways you can wear gray in the summer.

1. Gray Nail Polish

JINsoon Nail Lacquer

2. Bathing Suit

Gray Jessica Simpson TankiniGray VS Tankini

3.  Everyday Dress

Gray Frenchie Dress

4. Shoes

Gray Vans

Aside from these things, here are few more ideas!

The Look - Gray in the summer.
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The Look – Leather Shorts (4 Ways)

No doubt, leather shorts are hot this summer. Even though we may not all look like Miranda Kerr, we can all pull of this edgy garment. Here are four of my favorite ways…

1. Pair with a feminine top.


2. With a chic blazer.

Leather Shorts Blazer

3. Go even more edgy with some boots.

Leather Shorts Boots

4. All out there with a crop top.

Leather Shorts Crop Top

5. With tights, for chillier nights.

Leather Shorts Tights


You can rock  some leather even if you aren’t into the leather shorts look, maybe a skirt?

The Look – Think Pink!

With summer on it’s way, and our light dresses and shorts coming out of the back of the closet, it makes me think of the more feminine parts of our wardrobe. Sometimes that means lace, or silk, but for today, it means PINK. Although not considered a primarily feminine color until the 1940’s, pink is here to stay as the go to for ladies of all ages. Here are some of my favorite pink things!

The Look - Think Pink



The Look – Pretty Packaging

Picture it with me… You are sitting in an outdoor cafe in Paris. You are having a coffee and a delicious chocolate croissant, you reach into your handbag and pull out a small compact and a tube of bright red lipstick, apply liberally and go on with your obviously fantastic day, being a fashion designer or model, definitely. To me, when I daydream about something like this the packaging of the lipstick is delicate and gorgeous, the compact is shiny and gold or silver. The look of my beauty products is almost as important to me as how they work! That might not be the same for everyone, but, I think every girl should have a few cute lipstick tubes and an ultra feminine perfume bottle.


Here are some of the products I think are adorable.

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Aquolina Eau de Toilette/Betsey Johnson Perfume/Ciate Polish/Panda Hand Cream/Benefit Kit/Cosmetics Bag/Comb/Salve/Tweezers/Lip Elixir/Bunny Face Mist

The Look – Boat-Wear

With summer ever approaching I think a post about what to wear on a boat trip is pretty apropos. I lived near the ocean my whole life and have been on several little boat trips. It is one of the best ways to travel in my humble opinion. Even if you do not life by the water, or do not have access to docks, I think you could still rock the look, laying on the beach or on your rooftop.

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The Look – Flapper

Ah Flappers, the heavy drinking, tons of makeup wearing, smoking, and driving ladies. Although I may not smoke, or drink heavily( ;-) ), these ladies are role models for women to always be who they are and challenge gender roles wherever they can.  Their style is iconic and inspiration from their style pops up all over the place. Two of my favorite flappers are Louise Brooks and Clara Bow.

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With that thought in mind, here is some inspiration, and some ideas of how to take your everyday look all the way back to the roaring twenties.

The Look - Flapper

Do not be surprised if you see another Flapper inspiration post down the line….


The Look – Edgy Summer

I am all for pastels and florals, but, sometimes you just want a show of strength, you want to make a statement, something loud and wild. I know I do anyway. Let’s look at some inspiration for edgy summer-wear.

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Or if you need something for a gala…

The Look - Edgy Summer
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